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When I was 9 years old I wanted to be as cool as the glam rock stars I had seen on TV. One day I decided to make a necklace for myself. My dad was a big antiques collector and I asked him for an old coin. It was an old worthless German coin. So I drilled out a hole and attached it to a silver chain. That was my cool necklace. All the boys in the playground wanted to try it on.

After graduating from university as an art teacher I was looking for a job and came across an advert for a jewellery master model maker position. I did not really know what it was but the word "jewellery" was very attractive to me. I applied for the job and decided to give it a go. Then it all started.

I learned the master model making developing my own skills working with several companies based in New York. I was always learning: new techniques in fine jewellery, old techniques, stone setting, keum boo, mokume gane and so on. I was learning from the books, my colleagues and the internet but I wanted more! I wanted to be closer to fashion.

In 2006 I moved to London and began to make master models for designers and high street stores like Turnbull & Asser, Vivienne Westwood, Agent Provocateur, Paul Smith, Matthew Williamson, Lulu Guinness, Ted Baker, Karen Millen and others. Over the years I was constantly working on my own designs and ideas. I came up with idea to start my own jewellery label. I decided to move forward and then Fauxward was born.

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